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The History of HydroMassage Water Massage Beds and Lounges

1989 Model Bed
Self-contained aquatic therapy apparatus.
1991 Model Bed
1992 Model Bed
Aquasoothe, tradeshow model
1993 Model Bed
1993 Aquasoothe, 110 volt pulsating jet model
1994 Model Bed
Aquamed II, 13 trackless massage jets model
1995 Model Bed
AquaMED 110 volt – 3 pulsating jets
1996 Model Bed
1996 Powerwave, Combination of pulsating jets and smooth jets
1996 Model Chair


AquaMED II Chair, 4 pulsating, trackless massage jets, fiberglass body
1997 Model Chair

Hydrosoothe, Designed for the home. Pulsating trackless massage jets in back, vibrating seat and legs

2000 Model Bed
2000 Hydromassage 330, 4 trackless massage jets, fiberglass body

HydroMassage Water Massage Bed 2002 Model
2002 HydroMassage Classic, 9 trackless massage jets, fiberglass body

HydroMassage 2003 Model Bed
AquaMED 200 with New Electronics, customizable massages
HydroMassage 2005 Model Bed
AquaMED 200 with Touchscreen
2010 HydroMassage Model Bed
2010 HydroMassage Model HP200TS
Hydromassage 2014 Model Water Massage Bed
2014 HydroMassage Model 350 Series
2016 HydroMassage Model 340/350 Series
HydroMassage Water Massage Lounge
HydroMassage Model 440/450 Series

Water massage beds and lounges have changed a lot over the years, but the same basic principle
applies today as much as it did 27+ years ago...

Giving you the relaxing benefits of a heated water massage, without
the drawbacks or inconveniences of getting wet or undressed.


Back in the late 80s and early 90s, water massage bed technology was much less advanced than it is today, but even the earliest beds felt surprisingly good.

One of the first groups to really embrace this concept was the chiropractic market, and many doctors began to use them as “pre-treatments” before giving adjustments.

The chiropractor got the benefit of a more relaxed patient to work on, and the patient, well…they got treatment that actually made them want to come back to see the
doctor again.

As the popularity of water massage beds and lounges slowly started to grow, it wasn’t long before
they were also being used in many other types of businesses.

Physical therapists, rehab & pain clinics, day spas, tanning salons, and fitness centers
all realized that this was a really affordable way to provide heated massage therapy
to clients all day long.

Even some smart dentists started using them to make the dreaded trip to their office
slightly more pleasurable for their patients.

And with more growth came newer and different types of water massage beds
and chairs…

However, until the early to mid-2000s, the water massage experience had been limited to
just that…a “water massage”.

But that all changed once personal computers, smart phones, and ipods all became hugely
popular, and this technology also found its way into the controls of water massage beds and lounges.

This was another big milestone for water massage beds. The Touchscreen was born.

Now, not only did the treatment feel good, the Touchscreen added a whole new
experience to water massage.

HydroMassage Water Massage Bed

If users didn’t want to simply close their eyes and relax,
they could listen to music, watch movies, play games, or
even surf the internet during their massage.

Not surprisingly, this development also led to new growth
and more markets. But, oddly enough, it wasn’t until the
economic downturn of the late 2000s that the demand
for water massage beds ticked up again.

Touchscreen model- 2006

People who were worried about their job, their 401k, and their future were
looking for an affordable way to help with stress. Public opinion about
massage therapy began to shift, and instead of being a once a year
indulgence on vacation, massage became a regular part of a healthy lifestyle.

HydroMassage 2010 Water Massage Bed
HydroMassage 2010 Model
HydroMassage 2014 Model Bed
HydroMassage 2014 Model

This brings us to today.

Water massage Beds and Lounges have been used for 27+ years by fitness centers, salons, spas and chiropractic offices all over the world.

Hydromassage Water Massage Lounge

The future of water massage Beds and Lounges will undoubtedly see more innovation,
but the same basic principle will apply…

Giving you the relaxing benefits of a heated water massage
without the drawbacks or inconveniences of getting wet.

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